Sunday, June 30, 2013

SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE rears it's ugly head again!

"Drag your worthless self along to the Public Bar on Friday July 12th for a frighteningly fetid night of Melbourne’s finest grind. Like a fetus crawling through festering afterbirth, PREGNANCY’s sludgy goregrind depravity is guaranteed to make you want to abort yourself. Next up THE KILL will waste no time in wasting you with their blastasfuk pummelling axe attack and ear-shredding abuse. If you’re craving more punishment, the crushing heaviness of DOUBLED OVER is sure to leave you properly pulverised before the final aural assault of the night is inflicted upon you with SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE’s raw grindcore annihilation. DROP YOUR PANTS AND GRIND!!!"

Stay tuned for the possibility of a 2nd show while Den is in town...but don't hold ya breath.


It's almost bloody finished, HOORAY! Final layout being sorted, mixing/mastering almost done and thanks to top bloke Brendan for some sick artwork (same dude responsible for the above flyer too). In the meantime, go buy heaps of noise from top bloke Roby @
Blastasfuk Records


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