Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blarghstrad Footage + Album Review

"Erroneous Excerpts of Explosive Existential Extremity"

"Therapeutic Misadventure" Recording
Here's a rather nice collection of words on the Blarghstrad S/T album courtesy of Gonzo Karaoke.

"Blarghstrad is a one man Noisecore project from Australia. Brad Smith, the nutter behind this racket also plays in Internal Rot, Super Happy Fun Slide, and the less known, criminally overlooked Umbilical Tentacle. This self titled release is 28 tracks of violent, sloppy, raw Noisecore. Heavy handed blast beats, Bass noise slaw and manic, burly grunt vocal that’s completely off reservation. Super blown out recording, with some musicality and riffs to be found, particularly in the aping of more famous songs. There’s humor in here by the bucket load, but musically this stuff sounds way pissed off and harsh, deftly straddling the divide between angry and comical. If you enjoy any of Brad’s other musical endeavors, or you like Deche-Charge, WORLD or Nihilist Commando you’ll dig this one. Completely troglodyte. Completely essential!"

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